Cotton Coop



Rwenzori Farmers Marketing Co-operative Society Ltd is a legal entity registered in 2012 under the Co-operative Societies Act in Uganda. It was originally formed as an association of the parents of the schools supported by TJX Europe in the hard-to-reach areas of the Rwenzori mountains (‘’Mountains of the Moon”) in Kasese district, western Uganda. The current 561 (323males and 238 females) of the co-operative are predominantly migrant farmers who come from their home communities in the mountains to the foothills and the rift valley to grow cotton. Most of them have lived this kind of life for more than three decades, despite the numerous hardships they face: poor prices for their cotton, scarce water sources, unscrupulous agents of landlords and the constant danger of living next to the wild game park. The scenic beauty of the flourishing cotton gardens is fascinating but, a sharp contrast to these hardships. It is a legal entity registered in Uganda under the Cooperative Societies’ Act of 1992
RWEFAMCOS is the only Fairtrade certified cotton producers in East Africa FLO ID 31206.
The cooperative aims at improving the livelihoods of the farmers through sustainable production and marketing of their cotton and coffee

Over the years production of cotton lint (bales):

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Over the years production of parchment coffee and projections in the next 2 years:

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