Cocoa Coop

Bundikakemba Growers Cooperative

our Vision

A society that influences sustainable social development and economic development for its members through agricultura; production and valur addition

Our Mission

Engage members of the cooperative  in sustainable productive economic activities for a poverty free community

BGCSL is a dynamic primary agricultural cooperative owned by its    cocoa producer members, who are parents to pupils of Bundikakemba Primary School, created with the primary aim of optimising wealth creation for its members to  be able   to send their  children to school ,stay in school and complete school.

Since   its   registration   from    the  former  old   Farmers Association in 2014, it has created a strong and well managed organisation that serves as a focal point for its farmers and the wider community. BGCSL has worked hard to build strong and trusting relationships with its members, business partners and stakeholders, working together to the advantage of its people their  land.

To date,    300     smallholder    farmers   have    joined   BGCSL    and   farm approximately over 250  Hectare   of cocoa as their  most important cash crop

Management structure

BGCSL’s Board of Directors consists of 09 members that are democratically elected  by its General Assembly the supreme decision making organ of cooperative.

BGCSL always strives to:

  • add economic value to the cooperative to the benefit of our members
  • deliver excellent customer service to our clients and stakeholders
  • act in an ethical fashion towards all interested parties
  • create more job opportunities


Our product quality

Our   members  majorly  cultivate  Criollo  and Trinitario  varieties.  BGCSL’s cocoa  is   organic,   non-GMO,   sustainably   harvested  and   grown  by smallholder farmers at a unique altitude   range  of 1000-1300m absl   along the slopes of Mt. Rwenzori, this coupled with our specialised fermentation process gives tasty blended volatile chocolate flavours even before roasting with a PH range of 5.6 to 6.8  and 90-100/100g bean count.


Bundikakemba  Growers Co-op

Society Ltd

P.O.Box 1168,

Bundibugyo District– Uganda