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The RSTC Annual Forum takes place every first week of October. It is an exciting and vibrant gathering of all RSTC stakeholders, representatives from the 12 communities, the cooperatives and associations and all RSTC past, present and future partners, associates and well-wishers.

It is a celebration of the milestones by each of the groups and an opportunity for sharing of experiences, lessons leant and best practices, amidst a lot of entertainment and merry making. The community members also get an opportunity to tell their stories of success and discuss the challenges they are facing.

The different groups exhibit their products and explain the processes they go through to have the finished products ready for sale, which helps the different people attending to appreciate the work and effort that goes into the products that they see on the shelves.

During the forum, the RSTC team takes time to sit with the different groups in workshops under crafts, cotton, coffee, and cocoa to discuss their plans and any issues that may be affecting their work, and chart a way forward for the coming year.

It is a very important gathering because it brings all stakeholders together, showcases the activities of RSTC and the products that it markets and provides opportunities for new partnerships.


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