Our cocoa is of two varieties: Criollo  and Trinitario  varieties.

BGCSL’s cocoa  is   organic,   non-GMO,   sustainably   harvested  and   grown  by smallholder farmers at a unique altitude   range  of 1000-1300m absl   along the slopes of Mt. Rwenzori,

It is then specially  fermented to give it tasty blended explosive chocolate flavours even before roasting with a PH range of 5.6 to 6.8  and 90-100/100g bean count.


The cooperative produces AR- CRI-MS2 long staple, roller ginned lint cotton. All the lint produced in Uganda is independently graded/classed by the Cotton Development Organization (a government regulatory authority), into the following grades, starting with the best: UCON, UCOB, UCOP and UCOM. As a result of the strict quality control measures exercised during cotton picking and post-harvest handling, the cooperative’s lint attains classification grades of UCOP and above.

“I am always confident the quality produced is outstanding and reaches international standards given by the end users (spinning mills). I have to admit, your co-operative society – with maybe a few others in the Kasese area – produces the best quality of Uganda RG cotton with fine grades (UCON & UCOB), good staple length of 1.5/32 which fully satisfy the end users ….” –  Marc Studer, Director, Cotton Capital, Lutry, Switzerland.


The crafts are an assortment of beautiful, delicately handmade, naturally colored products, in a variety of unique shapes and sizes, and are versatile in use. These crafts are beautifully made out of raffia, palm leaves, wood, dry banana leaf steams and colored with natural dyes that are made from a variety of herbs and plants like bougainvillea, beet root, carrots, dry banana leaves, as well as other local materials like soot (from the local kitchens) and ash etc. These include platters, laundry baskets, bins, trays, tortillas and many others.

The products have made their way on the international market and have attracted a lot of demand, not only because of their beauty and versatility, but also because of the impact that this trade has had in changing the lives of the weavers in rural communities in Uganda.

The trade has enhanced economic empowerment which has enabled the women to make meaningful contributions to the welfare of their families; this has resulted in reduced cases of domestic violence as the women are more respected by their spouses, furthermore, the number of children enrolled in schools has tremendously increased.


Our coffee is  green Fairtrade certified, organic coffee. We are committed to building and supporting “Fair and Direct” trade relationships for the benefit of small-scale farmer families, their communities and exporting cooperatives. We strive to promote transparent Fair Trade and sustainable development alternatives in both the Uganda, while continuing to sell the highest quality coffee on the market.

We do business in a way that creates a fairer, more transparent and sustainable system of coffee trade that directly benefits farmers, and their families and communities.


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