Crafts Associations

We work with 29 craft groups which currently comprise of over 2,000 women and 80 men. They are spread across 6 districts in Uganda with the majority concentrated in the Rwenzori Region. 27 groups are skilled at weaving baskets i.e. platters, millet baskets, coffee baskets, laundry baskets, tortillas, bins, rugs, etc while the 2 are skilled at making drums and ceramics.

Natural dyes mixing process

Dyes are harvested from roots, flowers, and leaves of the plants like passion fruits, bougainvillea, hibiscus, turmeric, henna, sweet potato, aloe vera, eucalyptus leaves, to mention but a few. This is the most sustainable, eco-friendly and organic method of preparing dyes, as opposed to using artificially processed dyes.

• The dyes are harvested and washed with cold water-room temperature
• They are then pounded in a locally made pestle and mortar to make a thick paste
• Ash from local cooking stoves is then added to the thick paste
• The paste is mixed with water and raffia/papyrus and boiled until the raffia changes color
• The dyed raffia is then washed with cold water and left to dry under mild sunshine or under a shade.
• The dried raffia is then ready for use.

While mixing the dyes, the women wear protective gear including aprons, nose masks, and gloves. The water is disposed of in a wastewater pit that is available at every dye mixing center. Dyes are mixed in groups to ensure consistency. This process is led by a quality control team that is skilled at dye mixing.

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